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Region 11 North-Montague - Day 1 Report by 2T

2T Day 1 Report -  FAI Combined Class

The FAI Combined class drew the short straw from the nasty task setter today,  with a TAT departing to the north into the blue  - there were cu to the south and good height available at Gunsight start but nothing to the north – turn areas at Restaurant and Copco Dam had most of the class clipping the turns for minimum distance to hit the Goosenest Ridge high for the run south to the large turn area at Deer Mtn. where clouds were starting to form on the flanks of Mt Shasta. These gave good lift but *only* to 9.5k (low around the Great Volcano) and with ragged but reasonably healthy looking clouds on the eastern side of China Mtn crossing the valley to the next large turn area centered on Scot Valley looked low risk – however we were wrong – many pilots were caught out by the Cumulus Fakus on China Mtn and had to struggle low (5.8-6k) before getting up into the Duzel area, which was supplying wispies significantly higher than anywhere else – getting high enough to flop over the ridge into the Duzel basin allowed contact at the central Duzel spine and a massive 8kn average climb to 12.5k ft (4-5 turns with 12kn on the average) for a long glide to the far west side of the Scott Valley turnpoint and final glide home.

Posted: 6/10/2013


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