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Region 11 North-Montague - Day 3 Report by F8

Contest day 3 had fabulous conditions with cumulus all over the region with cloudbases ranging from 10 to 12 thousand feet.  The open class task was twice around the region with two runs up the beautiful Marble Mountains.  Most contestants made it to cloudbase prior to the task opening, so the start was quite a race.  

Mallory, the contest leader, jumped out first trying to cement his lead position, but the other gliders were soon all on course, running at high speeds.  The first turn was 5 miles around Quartz Valley which led most pilots to the north end of the Marbles.  With the wind coming from the north, we had much turbulence crossing behind each peak, but found adequate lift to make the run down to the Trinitys behind Carter, with some getting low, but most staying near cloudbase.  Our next leg was a long flight into the 10 to 15 knot wind, with pilots flying very different courses up to R ranch.
We then came pretty much together on the repeat to Quartz and Carter but differed significantly on how to set up for the final glide around Weed.  I found myself too high at China ridge and had to do a very fast (and bumpy) final glide under cumulus to the finish.  I went slightly deeper in some of the turnpoints to win the day at 81 mph.  Four of the five contestants once again were within 3 mph, setting up a real dog fight for the last two days.
Bill Gawthrop (F8)

Posted: 6/13/2013


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