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Region 6 South - Day 3 Report

The day started out overcast with the morning prognosis showing the possibility of scattered thunderstorms throughout the afternoon, albeit mostly north of Interstate 70, about 30 miles north of CCSC. Although there was a forecast for soarable lift, the probability of thunderstorms cast a pall on the task advisors (the safety talk by Curt Lewis about his thunderstorm experience here at CCSC several years ago only enhanced that concern). However, with the possibility of soarable weather and a window before the weather moved in, a TAT was prepared for both classes which was the Outlet Mall, Hook, Frith (with relatively large circles), and return with a 2hour minimum. Nominal distance was about  80 miles with a minimum of about 35 miles and a maximum of about 140. Grid time was set for Noon and everybody was in place on time.

At 1230, our CD, Frank Paynter and Mike Hutchison took the ASK-21 up as a sniffer and reported that their 2000 foot tow took them above the haze layer and the air was very smooth. After two more attempts the day was called at 1:45 PM. Several pilots decided to try some local flying but were not able to stay aloft very long.

Tomorrow's forecast is not optimistic as severe wether is supposed to pass through the area tonight and tomorrow.


Posted: 6/12/2013


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