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Region 6 South - Contest Day 1, F2 Report

As Rolf mentioned, the morning weather briefing called for weak to moderate lift up to 4-5000 for the mid afternoon with a good potential for a rapid shut down around 5pm with a disturbance bringing high cloud in from the west.  The task was 2 hour, 5 turn point MAT.  Launch was delayed for roughly 90 minutes while CD Frank Paynter waited for > 2500 AGL.  Sports class launched at roughly 2pm and while there where a few relights, most where able to reach 4000 MSL and conditions slowly firmed up as the FAI was launched.

Clearly we all wanted to get out in task ASAP but the FAI gate did not open until well after 3pm.  This certainly gave us great concern and I constantly looked to the west to see if the high cloud was approaching.  Surprisingly, the expected high cloud was not a factor today until well after the last finishers were home.  It was, fortunately, an hour later than expected.

On task conditions were decent but far from strong.  I found many "almost" 3 kt average climbs but it took patience to find them and more patience to center.  I was able to take advantage of the markers ahead in sports class and the FAI group slowly worked thru the pack.

Upon reaching the Clinton turn point, the air mass rapidly dried out and it went from plentiful Cu to total blue.  Lift was available in the blue but many struggled or cut the task short.  There were a number of land outs but without scores I am not sure how many.  I was able to find a couple decent blue thermals working with MT and got around 4-6 minutes early.

John Lubon appears to have the best flight in FAI as he completed the assigned MAT turn points and hit Dayton as well.  Several sports class gliders appear to have made it around the task.  Speeds look to be in the mid 40's for the FAI group.  Looking forward to seeing how it all turned out once the scores go up on the website soon!






Posted: 6/11/2013


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