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Region 11 North-Montague - Day 1 Report by F8

First contest day started out mostly blue with some wisps at about 11,000 feet over the start area.  With a 10,000 foot start gate most competitors with some effort made it to the top of the gate before starting.  The open class task was challenging as a MAT with the first turn point at Quartz and then crossing the Scott Valley to just west of Mt Shasta at Weed.  Most open class  competitors started together, but quickly separated due to different flying styles in the blue.  I went out at somewhat too high a speed hit the first turn and set out for the house thermal at Duzel.  I got too low in sink crossing the Scott Valley to get above the big rock there, but was able to find 7 knots in the little valley just beyond.

From 10,000 feet above Duzel, it was an easy glide to many fine looking cumulus that produce almost no lift.  I was able the round the second turn and head back west to Calahan.  Calahan's ridge produced the first decent thermal in about 40 miles, so I used it to get back up to 8,300 feet.  That gave me enough to get back to the China ridge for an additional turnpoint and to head back to Duzel.  I was again low coming into Duzel but this time new where the good thermal was.  7 knots took me back up to 8,900 feet which gave me adequate height to do a final glide reaching 2 more turnpoints at Scott Valley and Grenada before returning home 4 seconds early to win the day at 73.5 mph.  Four of the five competitors were over 70 mph indicating how good a day it turned out to be.
Bill Gawthrop "F8"

Posted: 6/10/2013


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