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Region 6 South - Day 1 - Rain Day

We had a cold front move through on Sunday night. Unfortunately it didn't move very fast so all we saw this morning was rain. We still had the Mandatory Pilot's Safety Meeting and it was very unrushed. We even took the opportunity during a break to hear about Dan Reagan's and John Lubon's flight from CCSC to Blairstown, New Jersey and all the planning they went through to make the flight. During the Introductory Briefing it was also noted that just before the Contest, on Saturday morning, we arrived at the Gliderport to find a large area next to our water cistern completely flooded, and water burbling out of the ground. Since CCSC has no potable well, the only posibility was that a water line from the cistern had broken, and was finally leaking strong enough to be noticed. About that time, one of our contestants, Shane Neitzey (XZ) arrived; and even before he had a chance to park the trailer, volunteered and jumped in (literally) to dig up the ground to find the leaking pipe. After digging down 3 1/2 feet, the offending connection was found and subsequently repaired by a plumber. However, without Shane we would have had a much harder time to get all that accomplished.

Thank you Shane.

The weather did clear enough early afternoon to give PJ Stewart (PF) an opportunity to get a flight in his borrowed LS-8. At least until the next thunderstorm rolled through. The outlook for tomorrow is promising and hopefully we'll be able to run our first task.


Posted: 6/10/2013


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