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Region 9 Moriarty - Friday, June 7 Contest Day 3 - Preliminary

With the pool of stable air still to our east, the day began with high moisture and an early morning layer of fog/stratus.  The fog was expected to burn off well before noon and become  sunny with cumulus developing in later morning.  Overdevelopment to storms was expected to occur early.  But a brief window of good soaring conditions was expected to occur to the west of the airmass boundary.  The weather gods relented and we were finally able to get in a good day of flying.

The task called for all classes was a Turn Area Task with turnpoints at Crosby Ranch (30 mi radius), Chochiti Dam (25 mi radius), and Clines Corner (10 mi radius) with a minimum time of 2:45 for the FAI classes and 2:30 for the Sports class.

Preliminary results for the Standard class have Walt Rogers as the winner for the day with 1000 points for a speed of 82.27 mph over a distance of 244.67 miles.  In the 15 Meter class Steve Koerner won the day with 1000 points for a speed of  89.82 mph over a distance of 246.83 miles.  Ken Sorenson led the pack in the 18 Meter class with 1000 points for a speed of 84.23 mph over a distance of 231.45 miles.  And in the Sports class Eric Liddel finished first with 1000 points for a handicapped speed of 74.28 mph over a distance of  187.64 miles.

For the contest Walt Rogers is first in Standard class with 2903 points, Randy Acree second with 2731, and Bill Third with 2723.  In the 15 Meter class Jim Cumiford is first with 2924 points, Steve Koerner second with 2923, and Rick Culbertson third with 2911.  Ken Sorenson leads the 18 Meter class with 2860 points, Shack Roberts is second with 2859 and Lee Kuhlke third with 2612.  Jim Payne is first in Sports class with 2876 points, Eric Liddell second with 2843, and Mike Westbrook third with 2735.

Posted: 6/8/2013


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