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Region 9 Moriarty - No Contest

Thursday dawned with low clouds obscuring the entire sky.  The overcast was expected to burn off by noon, but cold moist air behind yesterday’s front was expected to leave nothing but stable air off to the east.  Good soaring was expected to the west of the airmass boundary with sunny skies and scattered cumulus.

The task called for all classes was a turn area task with turn points at Cochiti Dam (radius 25 mi) and Burris Ranch (radius 25 mi).  Minimum time for the FAI classes was 2.5 hours and 2.0 hours for the Sports class.  The dead air to the east kept the task pinned to the mountains and up against the Class C Airspace over Albuquerque International Airport and the first turn area encompassed TFRs over the fires at Pecos and Jemez Springs.  So the task required good navigational skills from the pilots.

Timing was everything today.  A cloud street formed over the mountains to the west as expected, but soaring conditions near the airport developed very late in the day.  The launch was suspended after the first seven gliders reported finding weak to non-existent lift.  A few managed to hang on until the contest was finally scrubbed around 2:30.  

Posted: 6/6/2013


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