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Region V South - 3 June 2013

Storms around. Attempted launch, but could not get above 2200 AGL. Day called off.

From the CD:

Greetings from Cordele!

Well we tried!  After looking long and hard at the weather, we attempted to get a short, devalued day in.

We gridded at 1300 and sent a sniffer up at 1340.  After trying for a while and the sniffer flying in and out of rain, I called off the day.  We were a couple of tow planes short for the day.  Even though the day would be soarable, my evaluation was that there would not have been enough time to get the fleet off and have a fair shot for all the contestants.

So hoping for a better tomorrow!

Zero One -- CD

Posted: 6/3/2013


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