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Region 9 Moriarty - Second Practice Day

Sunday was a practice day.  For the FAI at Classes (Standard, 15 Meter, and 18 Meter) the task committee called a Turn Area Task with a minimum time of 2.5 hours and turn points at Clines Corner, Corona, and Mountainair.  For the Sports Class the TAT had a minimum time of 2 hours and turn points at Clines Corner, Encino, and Willard.

The weather was predicted to overdevelop early and strong thunderstorms with the possibility of hail were expected by late afternoon, early evening.  Most pilots elected to stay on the ground.  No one in the standard class posted a score.  One glider posted a score in both the FAI 15 meter and 18 meter classes along with three gliders in the Sports class.

In the Sports Class, Matthew Gutgsell, 7AF, posted 505 points for a distance of 3.58 miles in his Discus 2b.  In the 15 meter class Jim Cumiford, RX, posted 505 points in his ASW 27 for a distance of 10.76 miles.  And in the 18 meter class Lee Kuhlke, H1, posted 505 points for a distance of 13.18 miles in his Ventus 2cx-18.

Sunday evening’s Mandatory Safety Meeting was preceded by a Taco Bar at Hangar 72.  The promised thunderstorms did develop, and there was even rain at the airfield, but fortunately no hail.   The desperately needed moisture added one more reason to celebrate.

Posted: 6/2/2013


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