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Sports Class Nationals - Day 8

As the afternoon report told you, today was hot hot hot! In the east, unlike places like Uvalde and Hobbs, it is never a dry heat, it is usually accompanied by loads of moisture that makes everything feel  actually worse than it is. Today was one of those days. After going through the early contest period with highs in the low 50’s, northwest winds, and frost warnings at night, we finish up with temperatures approaching 90 and very high humidity.

I will give you a full contest wrap up tomorrow, after I get my thoughts together, but for now I will limit my thoughts to the last contest day.  As the scorer pointed out in the afternoon report, all did not fire off and start like we wanted to see. The sniffer, KS no less, was fired off three times before he stuck. We tried different areas and all the clouds were just pure duds. They were there, and looked good from the ground, but did not support soaring of any type early. When an experienced practiced contest guy like KS re lights twice before he sticks, something is amiss here boys and girls. On the third launch, he finally sticks, but in the northern area, much closer to the field than our usual release area, and a tow pilot’s night mare. We dealt with it when the CD changed from our standard tow area, but no one was happy, and it never goes as smoothly when we have to do this maneuver.

The first class up today is Sports, and soon after the gate opens, off they all  go. With a few guys leaving early, and 4 good tug drivers, the entire launch is completed in 35 minutes. Bravo tow pilots, as I for one could not wait to get out and get in the cool, I cannot imagine flying the task in this stuff.

The last day made a real race out of Club Class as HF, Sean Franke, won the day and closed to within 17 points of winning the inaugural Club Class championship. It does not get much closer than that. Good flying Sean. Congratulations go out to the first Club Class Champion, QS, Garret Willat. Garret came a long way and invested a lot of time and energy into flying a very consistent and competitive race. He is a very deserving champion, and we congratulate him on the win.  

Sports class was not that close as SM, John Seymour takes home the brass ring and the glass trophy. This is a most popular win for almost everyone as in my opinion, there is not a more gracious elder statesman in this sport. John is a man of few words, has a singular wit, and with 3 well delivered words can have the whole crowd busting a gut laughing.  He waited very patiently for many years to win his first nationals, and now tacks on number 2, we congratulate him as well.

I will have more tomorrow in my contest wrap up, but for now, as they say in the movies, that’s all folks!


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/21/2013


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