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Sports Class Nationals - Afternoon report

A warm and humid day at Mifflin - quite a contrast to our weather (which included a hard frost) at the start of the contest.  At 2pm, pilots are getting to around 4000' in a sky one-quarter full of rather fuzzy cumulus clouds.

This was a late-starting day that featured several sniffer relights - but once the launch commenced, pilots seemed to have no trouble staying aloft.  The morning forecast called for a decent day that by late afternoon might be troubled by showers and overdevelopment.  Both classes have turn-area tasks that should allow pilots to return ahead of the difficulties.


5pm update:

Finishing pilots report a variable day made more difficult by hot temperatures in the cockpit.  As things look now, John Seymour (SM) has won the Sport class by a comfortable margin.  Club class is close: Sean Franke (HF) won the day, but it's looking as if Garret Willat (QS) managed to hold his overall lead by a few points.


Posted: 5/21/2013


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