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Sports Class Nationals - Afternoon report

Grim weather at grid time, but we have marginal prospects of enough improvement for a short task.  Clouds are low and extensive, but a few patches of blue are allowing some sun to reach the ground. This is raising temperatures, but could be an example of "self-destructing sunshine", which quickly evaporates enough moisture to fill in the blue holes.

The optimistic forecast says we might be able to reach 4500' MSL later this afternoon, which might allow short turn-area tasks.


5pm update:

Severe internet connectivity problem have hit us today.  I'm just now able to do a quick report.

The day developed about as the optimists predicted; it was flyable, though certainly not strong.  Both classes had a 1:45 TAT that a decent number of pilots completed.  Winners appear to be KS and EY.  Score will be posted as soon as our communications problems allow.


Posted: 5/20/2013


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