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Sports Class Nationals - Day 6

We are entering the home stretch of the Sports and Club Nationals here at Mifflin. After 4 really good days, 1 day that baffled all, today was pretty much set by a look at the forecast. Everyone knew this morning that the only hope of doing anything was the dreaded “backside mission” A backside ridge day is rarely used, and widely disliked due to the fact that it is either a “who has the best handicap, or who has the better wing loading” mission. In reality, little is proved, but the more optimistic pilot’s always point out that we came to fly and if a mission is on and safe, we are going to fly it. That was the case today as all were launched in about 40 minutes. Sports went close, and with a few minutes to go in the Club launch, the 15 minutes had elapsed and the Sports gate was opened. As Sports started out most were running into light rain at the first turn, and with that report, CD Pepe Sayre quickly cancelled the club class, leaving only the sports guys to duke it out for what was a short and devalued day.  We did have 3 land outs, but the winning speeds were quite good, and as the conditions improve this afternoon, a few guys elected to take a second tow and try again.  A quick look at the score sheet tells me that this was a good stragedy as 5E, Eric Nelson, improved enough on his second run to win the day.  Second is T8, Evan Ludeman, third is SM, John Seymour. The top guys on the list were pulling out all the stops to move up a spot and improve their chances at the ultimate prize. I hope I am wrong, but this may have been the last chance at this race, as the next 3 days look to be very marginal. If we do get weather to race again, it may be Tuesday for a last hoorah.

I will have more news when it happens.

Brian Glick


Posted: 5/18/2013


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