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Sports Class Nationals - Afternoon report

We have overcast skies today, with little prospect of useful thermals.  But a southeast wind looks as if it will support a "back side" ridge mission, using the southeast-facing side of Jacks Mountain (which has about the best shape of any ridge in the Mifflin task area).

The sniffer launched just after noon and reported speeds along the ridge of 90+ knots.  So the launch is now underway on what usually proves an interesting task that produces little point spread.


3pm Update

The Sport Class task opened shortly after 1pm.  Most seemed to be doing okay on the ridge, though 3 landouts were reported. The task for the Club Class was cancelled due to Sport class gliders having encountered light rain near the northeastern turnpoint.

The earliest finishers have arrived, and they seem to have managed speeds around 88 mph.

Posted: 5/18/2013


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