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Sports Class Nationals - Day 5, Sort of

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, we were sitting just behind a cool dry front that dropped to our south and gave us a fabulous rocket ride up a flag pole to heights seen only rarely in the east. Today was predicted to be not as good, but still a respectable 6 to 8000 feet with surface temperatures reaching the low to mid 70’s. So much for that theory. The day did warm up, but it was like a Friday night at the local ER as today was mass land out day. What exactly happened with the weather, I cannot answer. The sky did not look as bad as the number of land outs indicated, and some guys reported being as high as 9000 in wave at various points, but once they had to leave that it all turned into a bucket of spit. UH came back to the field behind my families trusty 180 Cessna, then told me that he rounded the first turn and suddenly the lift was “flat as cord wood”  He never got another thermal in gliding almost all the way back to the home drome. A mountain got in the way and he landed out. Truth is, large numbers of people landed out North and Northeast of the field. The trailers and tugs were busy, and as I made one trip to Lock Haven late in the day I hear on the contest frequency, “SM, 4 miles, finish.” Followed closely by W3, same message. These were the only 2 guys in sports to get speed points, other than a guest, John Banerhall, flying a borrowed Discus CS. Nice job to those 3.

In Club class, it was more of the same. QS, Garret Willat used the MAT format to get as many turns as he could, get home and collect speed points. George Hanke, flying a 201 Libelle, went to the first turn and back for speed points as well. In this class, as in sports, many got close; all had a plan that seemed to go off course at different points in the task. Difficult day, but all performed well as many land outs were performed with no damage that I know of. Today was a head scratcher, and it will be interesting to watch our weather man, QV, squirm off the hook on this one. He will have something humorous to say for sure. I can hardly wait.

Tie Down News

The filed is filling up with guests and crew for the weekend. Corky Gill arrived yesterday from Harris Hill, Dr. Maughmer was also here, followed closely by Moe Acee’s better half, Sophie. Dinner tonight was the annual “Mifflin Fish Fry” The hanger social hall was full up, and as people streamed back late from retrieves all came quickly so they did not miss fish and all the trimmings. This was followed by the soft ice cream truck, and I watched a long line of people get in line and throw away their diet plans for the day. It will be interesting to see how many people will be out “walking off calories” in the morning. This evening after the meal, I had 3 young children on the gold cart for a ride around the field. I thought of Charlie Spratt and the joy he got out of all the squeals and giggles he got as he bantered about the filed with the kids. When I returned one parent said to me, somewhere up there, Spratt was smiling down on you for that ride. That almost brought a tear to my eye.

I have not looked yet to see what tomorrow may bring, but I heard a few pessimists saying tomorrow may be poor weather. I can only hope that I awaken in the morning to blue skies and high flat bottom cues.

Brian Glick 

Posted: 5/17/2013


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