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18 Meter Nationals - S2 Report

The contest ended on a high note, as Jerzy Szemplinski made a bold run at the leader, Doug Jacobs on the last day.  Jerzy won the day with a brilliant flight that took him to the back of the first circle of the Turn Area Task all by himself.  Jerzy's speed of 73.86 mph put him in front of second place finisher Gary Ittner by 32 points.  It wasn't quite enough to overtake Doug in the overall standings.  Doug was fourth today at 66.85 mph.

The end result is that Doug Jacobs is the National Champion in the 18 Meter Class, with Jerzy in second, and Gary Ittner in third place.  Jae Walker and Sean Fidler round out the top five.

We had an outstanding contest, with happy pilots, crews, organisers, and volunteers.  Frank and Jayne Reid deserve the highest compliments for providing the perfect environment for a safe, efficient, and fair national championships.  As we disperse from this jewel of a soaring site, we will take with us memories of a wonderful reunion of old friends, and the joy of introducing new friends to the all that Bermuda High has to offer. 

See you next time!


Posted: 5/17/2013


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