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Central California Soaring Club Spring Contest - Task Cancelled, free flying prevails

sunset on day 1

An incoming front brought in  a significant amount of moisture.  We are fortunate to have the same weather team as the WGC in Uvalde with Walt Rogers and Dan Gudgel working on the forecast.  Unfortunately nearly 100% coverage and thick cirrus was dragging down the hopes of having a task.

Peter Deane is graciously fulfilling the CD role and together with the weather and task committee a MAT task was called with turns at Orchard Peak, Coalinga 7SE and Castle Peak before heading out on your own.

After the pilot meeting and as the skies darkened to the south, a few cu popped to the NW along the convergence line over the mountains.  The southern point of Orchard Peak was not looking too reachable and a B task was called that dropped Orchard Peak.

7V and BK launched first along with F8 to sniff and see what they could find.  In the flats and foothills, 3500 to 4k was possible.  The Castle Peak turnpoint is over 4k.   Still, the air was working and we launched the field with a decision on the task to be made in the air.

Numerous gliders working the ridges were unable to get much above 4500.  It required some tight flying in the terrain to even get that high and with the day getting later a 2 hour was sounding unreasonable and more importantly unfair to anyone that might not be comfortable in the mountains.

After a solid attempt by most of the field to get established in the mountains the CD cancelled the task and the field was free to fly for fun.  Despite weak conditions, later in the day the cirrus started to push through.  Almost exactly at the time Dan and Walt had predicted.  Probably too late for the original task, but conditions did improve with the sun hitting the ground.

Decent flights were actually put up, but it required being quite committed to getting to the west side of the clouds and that persistence did pay off, but was not for the faint of heart or sound of mind.

We threw together an impromptu BBQ on the patio and watched a beautiful sunset over the western hills.

Tomorrow looks like it could be very good.  Hoping to call a big task and let people stretch their legs.



Contest Manager.

Posted: 5/17/2013


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