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Sports Class Nationals - Day 3

The day started off in an odd fashion for me. I sat at the pilot’s meeting and listened to our esteemed weatherman, Mr. Kellerman give a rosy forecast that I could hardly believe. I had looked at the local weather this morning before departing my house for the airport, and the local weather was calling for late day rain.  Keeping in mind that Richard is many times more accurate than “span can” weather is, I was still not convinced. In all truthfulness, local weather was right, and so was QV. As the afternoon scorers report indicated, it was a mixed bag of everything. An hour after the launch was over, to use an old Charlie Spratt quote, I would not have given you a bucket of spit for what the sky looked like. It was grey, over cast and worst of all, cooling off at the surface. At about that time, we had our only re-light of the day (should have told me something) and he chose to go again. I strapped into the trusty tow plane and off we went. Half way back to Jacks, I had my head rattled off the ceiling rather hard. Even on the 2 ridge days I never got a jolt like that.  A glance at the score sheet will show you that most everyone got around and had a good day of it. We were not without a few land outs, but, as I said earlier, it is a nationals and days like this separate the men from the boys.

In looking at the winners, I refer back to yesterday as well. I said that T8 had better not take his foot off the gas, lest KS will jump up and bite him in the back side, well what do you know, today it happened. KS wins the day in Sports and also vaults into the overall lead. The same terrible tumble has happened in club class too. The winner in Club Class is 2R Rob Dunning. Rob seemed to have had a nice flight after a rough day or 2.  The ridge day 1-26 wonder kid, finally found out why his glider has the handicap it does, because IT NEEDS IT. Don’t get me wrong, Dan is a darn good pilot, but he could not help but gloat a little too much about the handicap eating them alive on the ridge after Day 1. You know what the old adage is, careful what you wish for.  As this guy gains in experience and better equipment, I think you will see him a top a score sheet soon, and this race is not over, but, winning sports with superior handicap alone is a mighty tall tower to climb. Good luck though, we are all watching closely what you do now!! He definitely had a good teacher, kudos to Ron Swartz!  Overall first in Club has changed as, QS, Garret Willat has vaulted into the lead with a solid third today. 

There is a lot of racing left to go, but unfortunately I do not believe tomorrow will be one of those days. The weather looks lousy at first glance and I think tomorrow will be wash and repair day. Wash the laundry, repair the toys and maybe even take a well needed afternoon nap.  Lots of pilots and crews will make good use of that.

Not sure what Thursday brings yet as far as flying, but the Willat’s are having a fund raising dinner of pizza and beer to benefit the Jr team. This is scheduled for Thursday evening.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/14/2013


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