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Sports Class Nationals - Afternoon report

After two days of strong ridge conditions, winds have abated and we're looking at thermal tasks today.  The forecast says lift will be mostly blue, strong and high (perhaps above 7000').  Mid-level clouds may cause some trouble, but as of launch time they were mostly thin and temperatures were running ahead of the forecast.

Both classes have MATs, with enough assigned turnpoints to eat up most of the 3-hour minimum time.


3pm update:

The sky is now thoroughly covered with thick mid-level clouds, making for conditions that look decidedly marginal for soaring.  But the forecast said that current surface temperatures should produce decent lift, and tracking displays indicate that pilots are still doing okay.  Those who wish to avoid coming home undertime need another hour or more on course.


5pm update:

No sane soaring pilot looking at the sky at 4pm would have bet 12 cents that it was possible to keep a glider aloft.  But the forecast proved accurate, and even under thick mid-level clouds pilots found decent lift, often to good altitudes.  The result was plenty of finishers and only a few landouts.  It's fair to add that several pilots opted to come home early.


Posted: 5/14/2013


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