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18 Meter Nationals - S2 Report

Another perfect day at Bermuda High.

The forecast included mention of 5-knot climbs and 8000 feet.  The only uncertainty was whether there would be cumulus clouds.

After a lively debate with his advisors about a 500 kilometer triangle, Eric was talked down to a 240 mile zigzag Assigned Task that would send the fleet farther north than it had been up to now.

The forecast was spot on, and the clouds did show up.  Four pilots broke the 70 mph barrier:  Jerzy, Sean, Gary, and Al, with Sarah just a few seconds behind.

Best comment overheard in the scoring office: "Damn, I got beat by a girl in a 15-meter glider!"

Twenty-three for dinner at the local Mexican place; great stories, some of which ought not to be published...


Posted: 5/13/2013


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