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18 Meter Nationals - 98 Report

• • • • Day #5 -- Revisited Report from 98 • • • •

What a difference a day makes... We woke to crisp blue skies with a light northwest wind after the passage of the front overnight. By 10:45 am, you could see cu's just starting to pop to the south of the airport. Could this be a cu-tastic soaring day? All of the signs were it would be...

The grid meeting at the front of the grid revealed the task at hand: a 6 turn Modified Assigned Task where you needed to complete the 6 turn points before adding your own.

With the forecast saying the lift would be better later in the afternoon, I decided to take a little bit later start expecting the conditions to improve which they really did not. The run into the first couple turn were ok, but cautious due to the land of trees we were flying over with minimal landing choices. Working up the 3rd leg to Bishopville, the cu's were beautiful, but only producing a rare 4 kt climb and it was barely past 4 pm. This is not a good sign... After turning Bishopville, there were 2 streets headed up towards Pageland. Which to take? I took the one left of course because it had more sun and wind on it. Oh my... Where's the climbs? A bunch of broken 1 - 2 kt climbs. I shifted down a gear to a 70 kts cruising speed, hoping to find a climb to get me to Pageland and back to Bermuda High if needed. I found a week climb of 1 - 2 kts to get me in and out of Pageland. Coming out of Pageland with about 25 minutes left on my task clock, I went on course towards Cheraw trying to decide if I could achieve or improve my current 61 mph speed for the day. It looked pretty grim with the BIG blue hole out towards Cheraw. With the Modified Assigned Task, you can finish any time after you have turned 1 turn point. I decided to head for Bermuda High before I put myself in difficulty.

Another wonderful and interesting day at Bermuda High!

Thanks to Jayne, Frank, all of the volunteers who make this wonderful event happen.


Posted: 5/12/2013


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