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Sports Class Nationals - Scorer's report

It's the final practice day at Mifflin, and we actually have some practice taking place.  After a couple of days of rain (rather heavy this morning) and no flying, the promised cold front looks (at 4:30) as if it has at last arrived: winds are westerly, the sky is clearing nicely, and a few hardy souls are launching.  There's no hope of actually flying a task - dinner followed by the mandatory safety briefing begins in just 90 minutes.  But at least we have motorless aviation in central PA.

For at least the next few days, the forecast looks good: Sunday and Monday may be ridge days (possibly with winds a bit more westerly than is ideal), and we've been told to expect cumulus clouds with bases above 6000' and strong thermals.  Some 35 pilots in two classes are chomping at the bit.

Posted: 5/11/2013


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