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Sports Class Nationals - Practice Period

Practice Period Report


We are all “saddled up” here at Mifflin for the start of the Sports class nationals, along with the new club class as well. Today is the second of 2 scheduled practice days, unfortunately, as has happened in the past, we are using the early contest period to settle all the local farmers drought issues! UGH. The only good part is that we have only lost practice days, and the first part of the actual racing period looks fairly good.  As I write this, it is pounding rain on the roof top of the club house, but the radar shows that we are currently on the very tail end of it. All the local farmers will be sent a bill for drought reduction, though this is probably a dubious collection issue.

This afternoon will be taken up with usual rain day activities of fixing minor snafu’s on gliders and in software issues too. Weighing for handicapping is supposed to be occurring, but has been rain delayed and I anticipate a long line at the “weigh station” later this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Karl Striedieck, John Seymour and John Good are doing a ridge runners briefing in the meeting hall at 2:00 this afternoon. With new faces in the crowd, this should be a well-attended event and one that I have found very informative in past years.

I will be posting updates from here all contest, and as I always try to do, I like to write it so it feels like you are here with us. We wish you all were, but if not, check back here for updates on all the news that is fit to print, and maybe some that is not!!!


Brian Glick

Chief Tow Pilot

Posted: 5/11/2013


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