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18 Meter Nationals - F2 Report

Contest Report: 2013 18 Meter Nationals

May 10th, 2013 (Day 3)

We woke up to blue skies at Bermuda High Soaring this morning with higher humidity than the previous several days. Welcome to SC. With high overcast expected to drift into the contest area from an approaching cold front later today, CD Eric Mozer opted for a 3 hour, 150 mile, 3 turn point MAT. This was intended to leave us time to hit a few extra turn-points prior to finishing.

A funny moment occurred during the pilots meeting when CD Eric Mozer confirmed a "one thousand two hundred and fifty foot, 2 mile" finish cylinder for today to protect pilots from multiple finishing directions. Doug Jacobs was momentarily confused when Eric restated the minimum finish altitude a few moments later as "twelve hundred and fifty feet" and Doug called out, "wait a minute, you just said it was "one thousand two hundred and fifty feet" as if it was a different finish altitude. The whole group got a good chuckle in on yesterday's task winner :-).

Conditions improved rapidly on the grid and Cu were popping up nicely by 11:45 although the sniffer had to work for 30 minutes or so until conditions improved enough for the 12:30 launch. Once airborne, climbs of 2-4 knots with the occasional 5 knotter developed up to 6,000 MSL. The lift seemed fairly turbulent today and the clouds were not always working as well as they looked. Regardless of the turbulence, for the third contest day in a row, the skies over Bermuda High looked simply magical for sailplane racing.

Knowing I had the honor of writing this report this morning, it would have been nice if I had flown with other gliders. I started very late (2:10, almost 30 minutes behind the majority of the top guns) and was not able to catch the pack by the third turn.

Winning the day was Jae Walker (JW) with an impressive speed of 69.23 mph and 220 miles. In second was Gary Ittner (P7) with a speed of 64.78 and 195 miles. Third place was the ever consistent Jerzy Szemplinski (XG) with a speed of 64.6 and 209 miles to maintain his position in first place overall by 54 points over Jae Walker and Doug Jacobs who are currently tied for second place.

Tomorrow looks iffy with the cold front passing and a good chance of thunderstorms. A great day for getting out Tiffany's new RC Eagle. We had planned to harass Karl Striedieck with this new toy but someone here will have to deal with the sudden shock of a 10 foot wingspan, lifelike eagle swooping in for the kill as they work on their glider.

The rest of the week's forecast looks excellent for soaring. With 3 great flying days already in the bag, it looks like we could have 8-9 total contest days in by next Friday!!!


Sean and Tiffany Fidler, Team F2



Posted: 5/10/2013


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