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18 Meter Nationals - S2 Report

Friday started out muggier and buggier than the previous three days. At the breakfast table, there was talk about an early-ending day. The pessimists were divided between worrying about storms and worrying about the incursion of the trough looming to our west. The optimists did not have much to say.

Fortunately, our CD is an optimist, and he figured he could chalk up another 1000-point day if we got started early. He called a 3-hour MAT and an early grid time. As it turned out, the sniffer struggled for a while, and launching didn't begin until the normal time, about 1230.

Conditions were good, and it took most of the fleet about two hours to visit the three mandatory turnpoints, which left them 22 miles from home with another hour to kill. A variety of strategies were then employed, and all but three made it back.

The winner, by a fair margin, was Jae Walker at 69 mph. Gary Ittner and Jerzy Szemplinski were essentially tied for second, more that 60 points behind Jae. The results after three days are that our three daily winners are at the top of the scoresheet, with two of them (Jae and Doug Jacobs) actually tied.

If we're lucky, the trough will stay put for another day, and we'll be able to do this again tomorrow.


Posted: 5/10/2013


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