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18 Meter Nationals - DL report

Unsettled and apathetic? Well, that ended yesterday with CD Eric Mozer's 4 hour minimum turn area task! Hey, this is the 18 Meter National Championship...it oughta mean something. So, at this morning's weather brief Jay Campbell says "if you liked yesterday's weather, today will be similar."  And, CD Mozer says,"yeah, except for the weather"...and passes out a 234 mile speed task. Good call, CD....it's the NATIONALS! Today's task was to the east into less hostile territory. I saw Doug Jacobs in the start cylinder and started with him. Got to fly with him for about 30 minutes.  About two hours later, I hear "Delta Juliet, four miles" and I look down and see that I still have thirty-six...thirty-six miles left to fly! Wow. Doug finished first today at 74 mph, Al Tyler's 72+ mph was good for second place with Jerzy Szemplinski right behind him at 71.57 mph.  After two days, Jerzy's got a commanding one point lead over Doug, with Gary Ittner and Sam Giltner flying well and right behind them.

Bermuda High is a fabulous gliderport. Beautiful, long, wide, 4,000 foot manicured grass runway. Nice people and some very hardworking volunteers. If you haven't flown here, you owe it to yourself to add it to your soaring itinerary. Just don't you dare make a divot or scuff mark on that pretty runway or else you'll suffer the Wrath of Frank.

We're havin' a great time, wish you were here...


Posted: 5/9/2013


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