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18 Meter Nationals - S2 Report

Here we are again at Frank and Jayne Reid's gorgeous airstrip in rural South Carolina, about 40 nautical miles southeast of downtown Charlotte, NC.

The 18 Meter Nationals started today after two practice days in which the weather and competitors were unsettled and apathetic. Today, on the other hand, we had good soaring conditions and pilots who did their very best to get the most out of the day.

We found out today that CD Eric Mozer is taking his job seriously. Right out of the box, he called a 4-hour TAT, with a long first leg to the west, over terrain that features good landing places somewhere near the horizon. The forecast was for straightforward conditions, but it turned out to be a day for shifting gears (up and down), and for being patient at times. Chasing clouds didn't work as well as gliding away from the shadows and hoping for the best.

The only finisher who stayed on course longer than the minimum time was the winner, Jerzy Szemplinski, who turned in a speed of 58 mph. The day was devalued due to the number of early finishers, so Jerzy will have a lot of work to do to protect his lead.


Posted: 5/8/2013


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