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Seminole-Lake Cross Country Camp - Summary

From Camp Manager Scott Alexander:

Friday March 29th, 2013

Upon completion of Seminole Lake Gliderports "First Edition" Cross Country Camp, we are very excited of how it went.  Camp Director Andy McQuigg and myself, listed our HIGHEST priority as Safety.  We are pleased to say that there were no accidents, no incidents, no injuries, and no close calls.  Second, we are thrilled in the fact that many new friendships were formed as a result of this camp. 

Aside from being safe and forming new friends, we had some excellent soaring education.  All of us flew 4 out of 6 days.  Half of us flew 5 out of 6 days.  There was only one day that we did not fly, yet we had a wonderful time listening to Karl Striediecks lecture on birds, John Good's glider modifications show and tell, and a camp fire at the end of the night.  This was a perfect fit for a weather day during a busy week of soaring.

Also, we were pleasantly surprised that Dave Springford stopped in and gave a report of him competing in the World Championship in Uvalde 2012.  Dave represented the Canadian team.  He shared many lessons learned, his passion for soaring and had a question and answer session at the end.  Many pilots walked away dreaming of what it would be like to compete in a World Championship one day.

Many pilots made notable advancements as they sharpened their skills, spread their wings on their first cross country and some even had their first succesful land out. 

From a camp management viewpoint there were lessons learned on how to streamline the operation.  Now that we've got our feet wet with this sort of extravaganza, we can easily look back to see what we did good at, and what we can do better at.  Andy McQuigg and myself intend to continue this camp next year as a "Second Edition" that is even better than it was this year!  There are many modifications which we intend to reveal once we've had enough time to further our reviews and gain more feedback from camp participants.

In summary, it was a wonderful week off from work and has just fired us up to rack up more cross country miles, more hours in the logbook and faster cross country speeds.


Scott Alexander

Posted: 3/29/2013


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