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Region 5 North - Friday PM XG's report

"Smiling faces;beautiful places" is the motto for South Carolina and there were plenty of smiling faces  tonight in this beautiful place that the Tyler's call home.  Check out the speeds and the scores.

I can't think of anyone who's had more success recently at this contest than Jerzy Szemplinski.  Here is his brief report about Friday:

"We had a classic Uvalde day today,in the morning low cloud level till noon then beautiful Cu's with fast increasing cloud base.
We had Long MAT set the way that after last compulsory TP fast pilots were forced to claim extra couple of TP to use 3 hours time limit. When cloud base reached 5000ft MSL I decided to start task and had very good run until the second  turn-point.I was trying to avoid any unnecessary thermaling. I had to deviate 7 miles off course to stay under clouds and I was able to runa long distance without need for the turn. I met several gliders on second TP Allendale and with small group headed to third TP. After couple of thermals I was able to escape small group of gliders and catch 8H before Ernies, our third TP .After Ernies which was our last compulsory TP I followed clouds which didn't work as I expected and I was forced to use a couple broken 4kts thermals, but then was able to claim additional TP without thermaling improving my average speed which in effect was the winning speed of the day. As usual we have great contest in Perry where we can have very challenging weather and great soaring days like in Uvalde but with cool and dry air and great food after flights."

posted by Leigh

Posted: 4/26/2013


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