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Region 5 North - Friday Comments upon landing

"very good, the best....6000msl, 6-7 knots,cloud streets...." RW, Ryszard Krolikowski

"...7 knots to 7000ft.....turned final turnpoint and came home at 100 knots....." BH, Clyde Taylor

"....so good, I didn't know when to come home....." 5K, Clay Monroe

"Great! Truly a Perry Day! 6200 ft., thermals outstanding, 5 1/2 to 6 on the averager, from Allendale north 'Katy, bar the door!!!" DI, Rob Ware

"....big white puffy things, with lots of lift under puffy things. Cruise at 100, climb at 5-7, an awfully nice day...." LX, John Murray

1 land out thus far at :17:45.  

posted by Leigh

Posted: 4/26/2013


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