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Region 5 North - Thursday End of Day and views from a few

Some made it around, some couldn't get away and some, I'm sure, thought too late to get it done.  After checking the scores, start times, time on course, etc. here is a couple of versions of successful outcomes:

From, KM, Ken Sorenson:

"This was a really interesting day. Heavy overcast in the morning that didn't allow the launch to begin until 2:20. Our class, 18M, launched last and our start gate didn't open until 3:45, meaning the earliest we could return from the 1.5 hr Turn Area Task was 5:15, which seemed pretty late. I was able to start near cloudbase at 3:47 and had a 4.7 kt climb early on the first leg. The rest of the flight had climbs of 2 to 4 kts, working between 2800 and 5000 ft. I tried to make use of a street associated, apparently, with a shear line, but couldn't quite make it work, so just kept bumping along. Great fun for a day that we didn't really expect to fly." KM

From RF, Robin Clark:

"Today was full of struggle and strife for much of our fleet. A front had gone through. Big clouds were shading the ground. There were lots of landouts. Plenty of people gave up and landed here at Perry saying “no relight.”

But there was another side of today -- an amazing and achingly beautiful experience. Following the lead of Jason Arnold, I worked the windward side of a huge cumulus to 5,800 before the start. More than 1,000 feet above the base, the bright white buildup was a blinding white like a snow scape over the greys and greens below.

Then leaving the edge of the first turn and heading to Williston, a line of lift kept me in the whispies along side and above a row of cloud bases for several miles. By now I had stopped racing and was just enjoying the experience. Eventually I  had to leave the clouds and cross a gap to higher bases at the back of the circle. Climbing there I made the turn and flew back across the gap to skim the bottoms of the lower bases in front of me. Beyond them there were lanes of lift marked by more whisps and the occasional cu downwind going into Don Bells.

It was the kind of experience that draws me to racing where I can challenge my skills and hone them not for the competition but to make use of the air as best as I can.  Today alone has made the trip worthwhile" RF

I'm expecting another and will add it when/if I get it.

posted by Leigh


Posted: 4/25/2013


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