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Region 5 North - Thursday Late afternoon

The comments and emotions are all over the spectrum after this contest day.  Fourteen people landed back and didn't go on course and we have 3 landouts thus far.

H7, Bif Huss, got to 3500 ft, but back down to 2500 at the start so he took a relight and a 16:45 start and couldn't get away.

RK, Sarah Arnold had a wonderful day, but was careful.  There were dicey conditions around the start, so she clipped the circle and went out cautiously.  She got in wave on the 2nd leg.

UH, Hank Nixon completed his task, but said it was tough; a real test of decision making skills

8H, Al Tyler, thought conditions were nice.  He had a little hiccup, but said it was his doing and not the weather or task.

posted by Leigh

Posted: 4/25/2013


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