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Region 5 North - Thursday Grid Time Tasks

Tasks: All 2 hr. TATS with B Task options of 1:30hr.

Standard & 15M: 2:00hr. TAT  EdgefieldCnt(8mi.R),Williston(9mi.R),HouseMovers(9mi.R)Finish  98.79mi.-50.llMin-149.2Max

Sports: 2:00hr. TAT: Twins Lakes(14Mi.R),Williston(8Mi.R),DonBells(14Mi.R) Finish  107.57mi.-40.69Min-177 Max

18M: 2:00hr. TAT  Twin Lakes(15Mi.R),BarnwellCont(15Mi.R)Don Bells(12Mi.R) Finish  132.63 Miles  53.90 Min-213.6 Max.

13:00 update: Sniffer CA, Jim Stoya landed back and will lanch again at 13:30

posted by Leigh


Posted: 4/25/2013


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