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Region 5 North - Wednesday End of Day thoughts from RF

This is a brief synopsis of what I'm hearing before tonight's airshow.  The day started well with good thermals under cumulae and the 1st leg for most people went well.  It began to get weaker as pilots went South toward Barnwell and the leg north was a struggle for many. Thermals seemed inconsistant.  It was difficult to sustain steady climb rates for a few hundred feet forcing some of those to work an uncomforably low lift ban.  Check out the scores, some nice speeds, while the rest of us enjoy the Low Country Boil after an awesome airshow.

The follow words are from Robin Clark

"Today was pre-frontal. Seemed marvelous off tow. Almost too much cu, but strong thermals to dark bases near 5,000. The 20-25 knots of wind hadn’t arrived and actually never would. I had counted on the wind to be an advantage for my LS6 in the Sports Class. Worried about deteriorating weather, when the task opened I started out the windward side of the cylinder and drove for Fogles,  which was the first turnpoint on a MAT with five assigned. It was a good run, the clouds looked great, but the expected climbs weren’t there. At Fogles I turned upwind, southwest to Barnwell for the second point. The clouds continued to look great, but the climbs were ragged, I got in low and took 2-3 knots to get up for the run northeast to Ernies.  (Why is it that the gliders around you disappear when you get low?) By now it was clear that the good climbs would be few. Ernies was in a hole, the high screen of cirrus was getting thicker. I was patient to get high. After Ernies it was a tentative but quick run downwind to Eagle’s Nest, which is close to the finish at Perry. But I had 20 minutes left on a two-hour task so I would have to head for the last assigned point, Aiken. Usually a milk run, Aiken was back west under the thickest cirrus. There were no cu around the airport. I knew that an off field landing would ruin my contest, but there was too much time left to give it up. There was one good climb on the 40-mile, survival-mode run in and out but the rest was broken and bubbly. It was slow but just fast enough to edge out the gliders with lower handicaps that used up their two hours before Aiken and came home from Eagle’s Nest. The front is weakening, we might fly tomorrow." RF


posted by Leigh

Posted: 4/24/2013


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