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Region 5 North - Tuesday Wrap Up and Perspective by H7

Contest day 1 is "in the bag" and here is an end of day report from the Standard Class winner, Bif Huff, who traveled a few miles to be a part of this competition.

"Here's my "Brief" brief:"

It took a while, but it finally developed into a classic Perry spring day. The Standard Class launched first into a nice CU field. Unfortunately, the CU were not in the task area. The max altitude achieved for the first hour after launch was about 3600’msl. The CD kept delaying  the start until reports came in that some gliders were getting to 4000’ with 3kts. I kept waiting for CU to develop on course to the first turn, but it didn’t happen so I finally started at 14:45 into a blue and inverted looking sky. I immediately got low and started dreading calling Ceil with a report that I “lawn darted” before I even called a start. Luckily, I spotted a swallow and got a good climb back to 3600’. I started seeing a lot of low gliders… not a good sign. Off in the distance toward Edgefield County, there was a large fire burning and I spotted a glider turning over it. I put the nose down and raced toward the “guaranteed” lift and only to find nothing! Now I was committed to landing at Edgefield but had enough altitude to do a few last gasp circles when I saw that two gliders were now successfully working the fire behind me. I also realized that I had actually nicked the first circle. I turned again for the fire and now was saved with a good climb back to a working altitude.  This gave me enough altitude to limp into the CU field to the north. Once I connected with the clouds I got racing again. The only problem was that since I had just nicked the first turn area and had to turn short of the Class C in the second area, I now had to go to the back of each remaining area and would still probably be under time.  I followed a wispy cloudstreet into the third turn area and the conditions started to feel more like the Perry I’ve come to love. Good climbs under the clouds and I was finally able to get high and stay high.  I had final glide about 30 miles out so enjoyed the South Carolina afternoon and cruised home two minutes under time.

See You at the Airport!


Posted: 4/23/2013


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