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Region 5 North - Sunday Practice Day's End report

Flying is done. We’re getting ready for the welcome dinner at the cookhouse. But here’s how the day developed:

The wind howled down the runway blowing off hats. A pilot or two pulled their gliders off the grid to avoid an early launch. No one volunteered for sniffer duty, but Tim Welles was drafted.

Then, just when I thought there was no way to keep 800 pounds in the air, magic. There were lots of 6 knot thermals. (John Murray said 7 but he’s a sailplane dealer so you take it with a grain of salt.) Many again went well above 5,000.

It was fun to fly around in the booming blue and even a few clouds showed up in the eastern part of the Barnwell area and the western part of Don Bells. Twenty knots of wind and no real problems.

For me final glide came and went and went again, and again, but it was practice day so I just took another climb and finished high


And another report, from UH, HANK NIXON:

Sunday morning at breakfast I asked Al Tyler if he was going to fly today, having been very busy with his day job and getting ready for the contest.  He said he thought he would.  Maybe two mijnutes later the phone rang with a report that the water heater in the cook house which also supplies showers for people camping at the airport had died.  Al knew he had one in his store warehouse and soon he and Wesley were off to get the waterheater.  That project was completed just about the time of the launch and Al decided not to fly.  The weather for Sunday was expected to be lift to about 5000 feet with virtually no clouds and a strong breeze out of the east.  CD Richard Maleady assigned a turn area task of about 140 miles going to Aiken, Barnwell County, Do Little, Don Bells and return.  The assigned minimum time was 2 hours 30 minutes.  Sniffer Tim Welles reported good lift off tow and winds in the soaring boundary layer something above 20 knots.  Most pilots who were here flew and many completed the

In the Sports Class, Wilfried Krueger was fastest with a speed of just over 47 mph.  R5North regular Robin Clark was second.

Bif Huss, coming back after about 12 years away from Perry, was first with a speed of 55 mph.  Clyde Taylor was second.

In  15 Meter, up and comer John Mittell was first with a speed of 60 mph, Erik Nelson came a close second.

In 18 Meter, John Murray was first just under 69 mph, and Ken Sorenson was second. 

There were very few clouds but those that there were, helped show how the lift was organized.  The thermals were very broken but the best c limbs were as good as 7 knots to 6000 feet.  The day ended with a hamburger barbeque in still a brisk breeze with it looks like pretty much every body here and ready for tomorrows race.

Posted: 4/21/2013


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