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Region 5 North - Sunday Practice AM report

Perry, the first regional competition of the racing year, began this morning with good weather for the official practice day. Richard Maleady is contest director, taking over from the always colorful Ray Galloway who announced his retirement last year. Leo Buckley took his steady place in the scorer’s shed and his wife Pat took her angel station on the retrieve phones in the hangar, just as they have for 12 of this contest’s 13 year run.  Scott Fletcher is back on the weather “… maybe, depends …” At least he’s accurate – mostly. And has a great sense of humor – we hope.

A cold front dumped a lot of water on the early arrivals Friday night, but the ground was dry by mid-day Saturday. A high screen of cirrus behind the front moved on early in the afternoon letting the sun kick off a whole bunch of blue boomers for the unofficial practice.

Today is windy with Scott predicting more blue. The grid is on the southwest end. Richard has announced one turn-area task to challenge all classes.

Start 01, then Aiken with a 10 mile ring, Barnwell with 15, Do Little 10 and finally Don Bells with another 10 mile circle. Distance(miles) 140.03 Min: 67.82 Max: 215.7


Posted: 4/21/2013


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