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13.5 Meter Super Regional - March 31 Results

After such a great day Saturday, we hoped Easter Sunday would be even better.  We did manage a task but wind made the day's task more challenging.  We decided to have a "cat's cradle" task somewhat closer to home in case weather deteriorated further.  The task called for Chalet Suzanne, 15 miles; Green Swamp, 10 miles; Tex Merritt, 15 miles; Flanders, 8 miles; and home. Steve Arndt continued his winning ways at 40.29 handicapped mph while Gordon Sandercock was nipping at his heels at 40.15 handicapped mph.  Francois Pin landed about 5 miles short in a padlocked field.  Several folks had to disassemble his glider in place and lift the pieces over a fence.  Judy Lineberry decided the pilots, crew and support personnel needed to have a traditional Easter dinner at the Lineberry home.  Several of the guests enjoyed wine on the boat dock while watching a beautiful sunset.  

Posted: 4/1/2013


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