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13.5 Meter Super Regional - March 30 results

We finally had a day that makes Central Florida famous for great springtime soaring.  The skies were full of cu's promising lift to over 6000 ft.  The assigned task called for Avon Park with a 20 mile circle, Green Swamp with a 15 mile circle and Tex Merritt with a 10 mile circle.  The day was won by Francois Pin in his PW5 followed by Morgan Sandercock in the Sparrowhawk.  Jim Lamb won the hard-luck trophy of the day and probably of the contest.  He flew the longest distance and arrived home with altitude to spare. Unfortunately, his computer incorrectly showed him inside the finish circle when in fact he was about 300 feet shy.  He flew his landing pattern outside the finish circle and finally entered the finish circle on short final below minimum finish altitude resulting in being scored as a landout.

Posted: 4/1/2013


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