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Region 4 North - Contest Day 3. It was fun, but

It was fun, but not fabulous. We woke under overcast but with high hopes of clearing in the afternoon. The maps showed clear with CU to the NW with the clearing moving to the SE. So we rigged, staged, and gridded as the clouded sky began to show some texture. Yours truly is sniffing and after a lovely tow by Captain Jim Chick, your sniffer began to scratch and eventually after a couple of weak climbs lost out to gravity. Fifteen minutes later CD Eric Mann launched an assault party of 4 pilots to explore further. Those 15 minutes made the difference and we all stuck. The launching commenced and with 4 tugs pulling and Ground Ops Manager Cathy Williams directing, everyone got into the air quickly and efficiently.
The clearing to the NW could be seen off about 20 miles and while moving closer, it wasn’t fast enough. While we could stay up it was not a decidedly reasonable endeavor to start the clock. Eric called the day and it became a “last man down” race. While the pilots slowly came back to earth, Baude Litt made a bold move venturing over the hills and towards the clearing. He was rewarded with better soaring conditions eventually making it to 4K and enough altitude to safely get back to the airport (which he did in a resounding manner) winning the “Last Man Standing” award.
Tomorrow is looking better.
Danny Brotto

Posted: 10/9/2012


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