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Region 4 North - Contest Day 1. I Love this Place Because...

(More than) a few years back, Bob and Lynn Greenblatt had tee-shirts made up to commemorate the typical soaring weather at a mid-Atlantic contest. It read “I Love This Place Because I’m a MASA-CIST”. It depicted a glider on the ramp at the MASA Fairfield airport under a rainy, cloudy, sky. With the rainy weather experienced for Day 1, I wanted to don my copy of that classic tee-shirt. That would have been a bad idea as not only was it wet, it was cold.

At noon, CD Eric Mann called the day and we moved onto other diversions. This included football (GO RAVENS!), aviation museum tours in Reading PA (LBL and friends), and Condor Flying (TA and gang.) Ever intrepid, Moe Acee slapped wings his on his glider during the mid-afternoon dry spell taking AC for an excursion and found some mildly soarable conditions until it began to rain (again.)

KS and John Godfrey driving to MASA from parts central PA reported CU and soarable conditions on the ride down. They were worried that we were getting a day in in their absence.  They had discounted the aforementioned “MASA-CIST” effect (and the fact that TA was within 50 miles of the airport.)

After a lovely dinner of lasagna, most of the gang retreated to the warmth of the clubhouse for hangar lying and (more) Condor flying. At 9:00 pm local, the sky is clear, stars are a shining, and a clearing NW breeze is blowing. There are 2 forecast for tomorrow with both being promising. One forecast is promising for it to be good; the other is promising not so good. I am opting for the former and after enduring lows expected to be in the upper 30’s, I’m eager for Day 2 to be everything we want it to be.

Your Region 4N Regional reporter,

Danny Brotto

Posted: 10/7/2012


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