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Region V West - No Fly Day at Chilhowee

We woke up this morning not to rain but low clouds hung over the mountains just to the east of Chilhowee.  The pilot’s meeting started at 11:15.  Gary Carter gave the safety talk on ridge etiquette and safety procedures; he also talked about bailouts and parachute inspections.  Sarah Arnold, the Weather briefer told us to expect rain up through early afternoon.  She was hopeful that the front would pass and the winds would swing to the northwest making the Chilhowee ridge active.  Absent any hope for thermals, the deputy Contest Director, Sarah Arnold gave us the task, which was a Modified Assigned Task, (MAT).  Running a hot ridge for one and a half hours sounded like a lot of fun.  But, as it happens, the front hung around and the rain persisted and we gave up at 16:00.  After breaking down the grid, we put on our party hats to celebrate Dakota’s 17th birthday.  Sandy Snyder prepared a great lasagna dinner with a green salad and a chocolate Texas Sheet Cake.

So now we wait for tomorrow.

John Mittell

Posted: 9/8/2012


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