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Region V West - Day 1 Report

With the remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac lingering around, the weather forecast for the first weekend of this split weekend Region 5 West contest is somewhat uncertain. Nevertheless, eleven of the fifteen registered contestants decided to give it a try this first weekend and were on the field for the pilots meeting.

The initial call was for tasks toward the southern sector that was forecast to be the better one. However, not long before gate opening time, a line of showers started developing a few miles south of the field, and the task was changed in the air to a 1.5 hour MAT with first turnpoint at Mc Minn Co. airport in the northern sector that now looked good.

Nine pilots started on course, while the other two returned to the field because of GPS malfunction or failure. Of those who went on course, four pursued further north after the first mandatory turnpoint, toward what now looked like a beautiful cumulus field. The others elected to came back toward the home field, where they ended up landing because of the shower approaching from the South, unfortunately without having achieved minimum distance to earn nonzero scores.
Fernando Silva, Gary Carter, and Jason Arnold managed good distances under the northern cloud field with Fernando winning the day, and Gary finishing second. "Cloud streets would appear in front of me just when I needed them" reported Fernando with a smile from ear to ear. Although he managed almost as many miles as the winners, a respectable performance for his very first contest day ever, Jason unfortunately missed the first turnpoint and gets credited with only a small distance. "I had fun, and certainly learned a lot in one day" did he admit with a happy smile.

Overall a safe and challenging day for all, which gives us our fist official contest day for this Regional.

Sandy Snyder organized a wonderful fajita dinner for all to enjoy under the porch. Thanks Sandy, Chris Carter & Pat Falbaum for preparing it.

Francois Pin

Contest Director

Posted: 9/1/2012


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