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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Contest Day 5

Region 3 – Dansville NY – Contest Day 5 – 24 Aug 2012

We had plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures this morning, but it took a while for the day to percolate.  We  gridded at 11:30 and shortly thereafter sniffers  Frank Paynter [TA] and Gregg Leslie [GL] were sent up to opposite sides of the valley.  It took a bit for both to find lift, but when they did it was solid (4-7kts to ~5000ft). The fleet was launched at 12.35.

Today was another great day, although slightly different from yesterday. There were not as many cloud streets or cu and what was there was a bit harder to read (I guess anything is harder than yesterday).  Still it was good fun.  Staying in the high ground and/or above 5000 ft were the keys to success. Cloudbases were again in the 7000-8000 range.  Average thermal strengths were 4-6kts, but there were many reports of much stronger lift.  Matt Seymour [6M] and Mark Wasserbauer [VNE] found the best of the day near Hornell - a nice 10kt (well, 9.8).

The FAI class was tasked with a 3 hour TAT to Mansfield Bridge, Seneca AAF, Perry-Warsaw, and return, with large circles.  Most maxed out the first two circles and stayed away from the blue hole of Perry-Warsaw.  Tim Welles was determined to fly 70mph today, and he did that over the longest distance of the day, 216mi. He took first with a handicapped speed/distance of 58.45mph/180.12). The Sports Class flew a 2.5 hour TAT to Corning-Painted Post, Hornell, Hammondsport and return.  Rachel Conklin was in K21 again today and they took first place with a handicapped speed/distance of 56.88mph/143.02 (50.78/127.70). 

It was another memorable day for some of our Juniors.  Heinz Weissenbuehler and Karin Schlosser flew their bi-plane up for a morning visit.  Michelle Conklin realized a dream of hers when Heinz took her up in and let her fly her all-time favorite plane!

Alex Moore, a Finger Lakes Junior Member, has been working hard all week, running ropes on the line and recovering gliders at the end of the day.  But he has also found time for some flying.  Earlier in the week, he made a late afternoon O&R to Savona and back, his first time that far down the valley solo.  Today, he flew down to Harris Hill for his Silver Distance and then proceeded to take a tow and fly back to Dansville…Double Silver! Congratulations Alex!

We ended the day with a delicious dinner of Bangers and Mash prepared by Chef Jesse.

Tomorrow looks to be another booming day.  Team K21 and Matt Seymour are duking it out for first in the Sports Class.  The competition in the FAI Class is a bit tighter with John Seymour, Sean Murphy, Peter Scarpelli, and Tim Welles in the top positions.

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/24/2012


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