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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Contest Day 4

Region 3 – Dansville NY – Contest Day 4 – 23 Aug 2012

SM declared today “the best soaring day at Dansville ever”.  And he ought to know; he’s been flying here for 50 years.

The day was forecast to be similar to yesterday but mostly blue.  Instead it turned out to be fantastic.  Cloud streets around the clock.  7000 ft cloudbases.  6-8 kt thermals. Turnpoint circles maxed out.  You can tell from the speeds and distances that it was a fun flying day.  The FAI class had a 3 hr TAT to the South – Wellsville (15mi circle), Mt Pisgah (25 mi) and return. The Sports class stayed closer to home with a 2.5 hr TAT to Hammondsport, Alfred, Avoca (all 10mi circles) and return.

Ryan McMaster (grandson of Roy) flew his first cross country mission today with Uncle Hank in K21.  How lucky can you get?  Hank felt obliged to inform Ryan that this is not a typical cross country flight (at least not here in the Northeast)!  Ryan flew most of the task and captured first for the day with a handicapped speed/distance of 61.51mph/150.45mi (54.92/134.33 actual).  Team K21 is in the overall lead in the Sports Class.  Matt Seymour has been flying the Ka6 consistently well and remains in second overall, followed by Clay Monroe.  John Seymour smoked the FAI Class today and leaps into first place with a raw speed of 73.77mph over 230.15mi (62.34/194.48 handicapped).  Sean Murphy is in second overall and Roy McMaster is in third.

Everyone was back by 5-ish, so there was time for a few fun flights: Rachel and Michelle Conklin were up in K21, Matt Seymour took another flight in SM, and some of the club ships were up as well.

We are having a great week here at Dansville and have close races in both classes.  With two days left, it’s anyone’s to win.

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/23/2012


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