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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Contest Day 2

Region 3 – Dansville NY – Contest Day 2 – 21 Aug 2012

Our weatherman Andy Gough [44] had good news and bad news for us this morning.  The good news is that we should be flying every day for the rest of the contest.  The bad news is that we should be flying every day for the rest of the contest (so pace yourself).  Hard to complain about that!  A high pressure system is setting up and should keep us rain free through the early part of the weekend.

We received no rain from yesterday’s frontal passage, but there were areas to the South that did receive significant amounts and were expected to be weaker and overdevelop.  The day started blue and sunny with cus developing in the distance by late morning.  It remained blue locally, so the launch did not begin until 12:45 and the start gates did not open until 1:30-2-ish.

After two days of MATs the scorers and pilots were happy to be given a TAT.  The FAI Class had a three hour counter-clockwise tour to Belfast, Hanna Acres, Seneca AAF, Cameron, and return (with circles of 10-10-15-15mi).  The Sports Class had a three hour task to Corning-Painted Post, Alfred, Seven Gullies, Loon Lake, and return (15mi circles on the first two turnpoints).

Many pilots had trouble getting out of Dansville but we only had two relights.  5000 ft was the magic number today.  Those who stayed above it had a great day: 4-6kt average thermals with 7-8kts max, and 8000 ft cloudbases.  Get below that and you struggled.  In general, lift was inconsistent, especially early on.  Also there were more blue holes than previous days and thermals there were weak.  The FAI Class drew the short straw task-wise.   Dr Jack indicated that conditions would be strongest to the North, but the exact opposite was the case.  After the strong first leg, the second and third legs - to the north and around the lakes - were a struggle.

We have several juniors here this week, representing Finger Lakes Soaring, Harris Hill, and Valley Soaring.  They are doing it all: crewing, helping with ground ops, and flying in the contest.  Valley Soaring’s Rachel Conklin flew with Hank Nixon today in K21, taking first place for the day with a handicapped speed/distance of 48.99mph/146.55mi (43.74/130.85 actual).  Way to go Rachel!  Clay Monroe holds on to first place overall in the Sports Class, followed by Team K21 and Matt Seymour [6M].  In the FAI Class, Peter Scarpelli [CA] takes first for the day and overall.  His handicapped speed/distance today was 53.84mph/161.52mi (58.21/174.61 actual). John Seymour [SM] and Sean Murphy [XC] round out the top three.

I need to go back to work for a day or two, so Frank Paynter has graciously agreed to fill in for me until I return.  (By the way Frank is blogging on soaringcafe.com this week.)

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/21/2012


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