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Region 3 Soaring Contest - No Contest Day

Region 3 – Dansville NY – No Contest Day – 20 Aug 2012

We are under the influence of a series of troughs with the possibility of showers.  It wasn’t yet a definite that the day was a wash - there was plenty of sunshine by late morning - so we played the game and gridded at noon.  From our vantage point on the grid, we could watch the blowup to the northwest and the “sucker hole” to the southeast.  Then the overcast moved in to effectively shut down the day.  Jacquie called the day off at 1:30.

So the only mission left for today is to arrive hungry for dinner.  All the dinners for this contest are being prepared by Finger Lakes club member Jesse Sulllivan (Jesse is also serving as Scoring Assistant/Apprentice).   Tonight’s feast at the airport will be Beef/Chicken Taco Bowls.

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/20/2012


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