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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Contest Day 1

Region 3 – Dansville NY – Contest Day 1 – 19 Aug 2012

The models indicated that today would be a repeat of yesterday, but it sure didn’t seem like it at the Pilot’s Meeting.  The sky was covered in strato-crud for most of the morning.  Thinking that the day would start late and end early, a 2 hour TAT in the SE quadrant was the initial assignment.  But by noon, we had a mostly blue sky and the cu were starting to pop to the north and west.  With the SE quadrant now expected to clear out last, the tasks were changed to 2 hour MATs with one mandatory turnpoint, Perry-Warsaw for the FAI Class and Seven Gullies for the Sports Class.  This would get the fleet in the air and out on course while waiting for the day to cook.  Today’s sniffer, Sean Murphy [XC], was sent up at 12:30 and found lift fairly easily, so the launch started a little before 13:00.

Reports from pilots varied greatly today.  Getting high and staying high and hitting the cloud cycles just right made the difference.  Most pilots made the first turnpoint and then stayed south in the high ground.  Conditions grew stronger and more consistent as the day went on.  Mark Wasserbauer [VNE], the last man up, reported 7 kts to 8200ft later in the afternoon.  Peter Scarpelli took first in the FAI Class with a handicapped speed/distance of 52.94mph/117.95mi (57.23/127.51 actual).  Clay Monroe [5K] struggled on the practice day, so it was especially gratifying for him to officially win the Sports Class with a handicapped speed/distance of 45.17mph/90.16mi (48.31/96.43 actual).  (Rob Dunning [V3] flying as a guest had the best flight in Sports (48.38mph/102.75mi (51.47/109.31 actual).

For a rookie contest pilot, it’s reward enough to complete your first contest day.  Matt Seymour [6M] landed back at Dansville to discover this bonus: SM’s ASG-29 was still assembled and ready for him to fly for the first time.  Not a bad way to end the day!

There was no official contest dinner at the airport tonight, but a small group of us organized a potluck meal, with hamburger and hot dogs provided by Moe and Sophie Acee [AC].

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/19/2012


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