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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Practice Day

Region 3 – Dansville NY – Practice Day – 18 Aug 2012

Greetings from Finger Lakes Soaring Club in Dansville, NY, site of this year’s Region 3 contest.  As always, the ever gracious and cheerful Ann Lafford heads up the contest team.  The newly retired Jacquie Doherty is CDing her third contest this year.  Rick Lafford - operations, Rick Roman - scorer, and Andy Gough [44] - weather, round out the group.

Today was a beautiful day, more like September than late August.  Plenty of cu, no haze, pleasantly cool and dry.  The task for the day was a 2.5 hour MAT, with Loon Lake and Hornell the two mandatory turnpoints. Pilots struggled below 4000 ft, but above that it was consistently good – up to 6700 bases and 7-8 kt thermals (4-5 kt average) reported.  It was a good day to take a tour of the contest turnpoints.

There was a Welcome Party with appetizers in the hangar this evening.  Pink Flamingos, the unofficial mascot of the club, were out in force.  Hank Nixon is currently holding his rookie contest pilot school.

The weather forecast for the week is looking very promising, despite the fact that Frank Paynter is here! (This year there has been a strong correlation between TA at contest = wet weather.)

On a historical note…We have a classic beauty flying in this contest…the Seymour Family’s Ka6E.  (The Seymours have been part of the Finger Lakes Soaring Club - nee Rochester Soaring Club - since the 1950s.)  Twenty-something Matt Seymour will be flying his first contest in this glider.  Matt has spent the summer here earning at least 4 ratings (I lost count) and tearing up the skies in the Ka6, completing his Gold Distance/Diamond Goal twice in the process.  Grandpa Ed Seymour bought the Ka6 in the mid-60’s and flew it for 3000 hours until his retirement at age 92.  Uncle John Seymour - the Dreaded Sierra Mike - flew it to 3rd place in the 1970 Standard Nationals at Harris Hill.  This glider could probably fly itself around Upstate NY!  It’s neat to see a third generation Seymour in the cockpit.  Go Matt!

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/18/2012


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